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 FORUM RULES - ***please read***

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PostSubject: FORUM RULES - ***please read***   Sat May 02, 2015 11:12 am

Here are the FORUM RULES - post full of the possibly boring, but nevertheless important forum RULES and guidelines.

Firstly, if your new here, Welcome to the forum and Thank you for joining us!

Here are some ground rules that must always be adhered to when creating a new topic, commenting/ replying to a topic  as well as when reading topics and replies. I have basically adhered to the same rules that we have set out in the F.I.T Facebook Support Group, with changes to a few words.


All members must have a level of respect for each other and of each and every topic post made by any member, including posts made by any admin. There must never be any negative judgments made on anyone's personal feelings in any posts or comments, firstly because judging others based on their feelings/ beliefs or any other factor, is not friendly or fair, and we must all understand that this forum is a supportive place and when people are posting for support or expressing of raw emotions, then they are likely to be in a vulnerable and fragile state of mind.

Bullying, racial content or discrimination against an individual's gender, race, beliefs, age, sexuality or disability will not be tolerated at all in this forum whatsoever. Bullying as in intimidating or hurting another member verbally in this forum, or as in physically/ sexually outside this forum is not tolerated. Any accusation of bullying or discrimination by any member will be taken seriously and investigated by the admin. Both the accused member and the accuser will be messaged privately by admin, and if the issue cannot be resolved, then this may result in a temporary removal from the forum of either one of the members involved in the issue, or both. The admin will avoid taking this action where possible, and every effort will be made to resolve the issue. However, where the issue cannot be resolved, even after many attempts and much effort, it is likely that the member who has been found to have bullied or discriminated towards another member, will be permanently removed from the forum.

The following content is not permitted in any posts/topics or reply comments to topics within this forum:

- SEXUAL CONTENT where explicit and used for jokes, to shock or embarrass other group members or any other inappropriate way. Please remember that a large proportion of our forums members have suffered abuse, much of which has been of a sexual nature. Please bear this in mind when posting any form of sexual content.
- DISCUSSION OF ILLEGAL ACTS including illegal substances, except when talking generally about, but not supporting the use of, or talking admirably about, drugs that are used to combat chronic pain conditions, i.e. marijuana.

Selling of any product, whether beneficial to ones health or not, is not allowed in this forum. Nor is the advertising of any product (topics or replies showing products for sale with links attached) permitted within this forum, despite whether beneficial to ones health, nor whether you or a friend or family member is selling a product with good intentions involved. ALL such content involving selling/ advertising or promoting any product will be removed straight away. Links to the F.I.T Etsy shop Facebook group are allowed, as well as links to a particular product in a reply to a topic post but ONLY if it has been visibly requested for or agreed to by another member in the forum.

When posting any content that could trigger off negative or painful emotions for another member, such as content relating to sex, abuse, self harm. death or suicide, miscarriage or stillbirth, crime or murder, or anything else, please make sure you post the following at the very top of your post, BEFORE any triggering content -

Posts with sexual content - "Trigger Warning - sex".
Posts with abuse content - "Trigger warning - abuse".
Posts with self harm content - "Trigger warning - self harm, s/h".
Posts with death or suicidal content - "Trigger warning - death/suicide, death,su".
Posts with miscarriage or stillbirth content - "Trigger warning - misscarriage/stillbirth, mis/c, still/b".
Posts with crime or murder content - "Trigger warning - crime/ murder".
Posts with any other triggering content - "Trigger warning - other".



N.B - For all the above RULES, should any be broken, a warning will be given. If a member receives 3 warnings in the space of ONE YEAR, they will be banned from the forum.

Please feel free to suggest other relevant rules for the group, or anything I've missed out by replying to this topic post below or in a PM.

***I would like everyone to comment that they have read and agree to the rules set out here - so, please comment whilst you remember Smile ***

Thank you for taking the time to read our FORUM RULES Smile
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FORUM RULES - ***please read***
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